F: Steward of All Entrusted Assets

The Museum is a responsible and ethical steward of all the assets entrusted to it.


• Secure grant and donor funding for all new initiatives and programs

• Create a supportive environment for Wabanaki people at every level of decision-making, including governance, leadership, and staff (paid and unpaid)

• Develop and implement a plan for increasing the number of Wabanaki people on the Board

UPDATE: The decolonization committee created a subcommittee to look at governance models and ideas and made a recommendation to the board of trustees in October 2016. Approved by the Trustees, it now moves to the Native Advisory Council for consideration in June 2017.

• Invest in professional development and training for staff, board, and volunteers to enable the Museum to work towards a decolonized approach to every aspect of its work

• Develop and implement a capital improvement plan for building and facilities

• Develop and implement plans for enhancing the front entrance

• Implement environmentally sustainable practices throughout the Museum

UPDATE: The Abbe secured additional grant funding from the Maine DevelopmentGreening logo 2_ALLISONEDIT Foundation and the Maine Community Foundation to implement recommended changes identified during an energy audit. Matching funds needs to be raised, and we began implementing improvements during the winter of 2016/2017.


• Plan a capital and endowment campaign

• Review policies and procedures (ethics policy, collections management policy, personnel policy, board procedures) mindful of the principles and goals of decolonization

• Work towards consensus-based board operations and protocols


• Initiate capital and endowment campaign


When this goal is realized, Wabanaki people will be influential decision-makers throughout the organization. In addition, the Abbe will operate with sustainable funding and the Museum’s facilities will benefit from plans and funding necessary to carry out preventative and deferred maintenance.

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