D: Historical and Contemporary Wabanaki Collection

The Museum stewards and provides access to collections that represent historical and contemporary Wabanaki people.


• Make the non-archaeological collections database accessible online

UPDATE: With successful grant awards from the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Community Foundation, we have started the process of sharing our collections online. We plan to launch the site in late summer 2016 with 50-100 objects to start.

• Re-assess collections regarding the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) eligibility and respond to inquiries and claims in the spirit of collaboration and shared interest

• Develop a Friends of the Collection program

UPDATE: This fund was created with an initial gift in 2012. Since then we have attracted additional gifts and collections acquisitions are made annually with this fund. In 2017 we will initiate a fundraising campaign to replenish the fund.


• Make the archaeological collections database accessible online

• Document Wabanaki knowledge about the collection

• Consult with Wabanaki spiritual leaders (advocates for the ancestors) and other tribal community members on the treatment and disposition of collection items excavated from burial sites

• Begin to inventory Wabanaki objects in other museums, other institutions, and private collections


• Develop a tiered collections model to increase physical access to collections, ability to do outreach exhibits, etc.

• Review and revise the collecting plan


When this goal is realized, the Abbe collections of Wabanaki material culture will be growing and will be visible and accessible to a much broader audience. Wabanaki curators will offer enriched interpretive content for the collections catalog and will be empowered in collections decisions.


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