B: Wabanaki Artists

The Abbe Museum and Bar Harbor are the international center for supporting and selling the work of Wabanaki artists.


• Create a fellowship program for Wabanaki artists to travel and learn from other artists

UPDATE: The Abbe Museum and Dawnland, LLC are pleased to produce the fourth annual Fellowship Program in 2018, designed to help Wabanaki artists promote their work within the greater artistic communities. Three fellowships are awarded each year to provide support for travel, lodging, and other costs associated with exhibiting at Indian art markets in Maine and New Mexico. For 2016, the fellowships were awarded to Theresa Secord, Jason K. Brown, and Gabriel Frey. We are currently seeking applications for a new round of fellowships, to be awarded in July.

• Enhance the Native American Festival and Basketmakers Market

UPDATE: The Abbe is a strong partner for the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance and our next successful festival is on July 7, 2018. Each year, artists report robust sales and we are confident this trend will continue. For 2018, in its 25th year, the NAF will move to the Abbe Museum campus in downtown Bar Harbor. 

• Research and develop plans for an annual national juried show of Native art (Abbe Museum Indian Market)

AMIM Save the Date

UPDATE:  Since 2014, the Abbe team, along with Wabanaki artists and stakeholders, have researched and planned for this landmark event.  In April 2017, Dawn Spears joined the team as AMIM Producer. All details are in place for a successful event May 18-20, 2018 in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine. 


• Create and market the Abbe Museum Indian Market (annual national juried show of Native art) and determine its relationship to the Native American Festival and the Abbe’s annual Gathering Gala

UPDATE: The Festival has been re-located to the Abbe’s campus in downtown Bar  Harbor for its 25th year, July 7, 2018. Programmed as a sister market to the Abbe        Museum Indian Market, Wabanaki artists and invited guests will showcase basketry  and other Indigenous art forms. We will maintain our partnership with the Maine        Indian Basketmakers Alliance but will assume more financial responsibility for the event through our Indian Market initiative. 


• Sustain the Abbe Museum Indian Market

• Expand the sales gallery in the Museum, and more actively promote gallery openings


When this goal is realized, Bar Harbor will be positioned to become THE destination for Northeastern Native art. Wabanaki artists will be at the core of this regional economic success story. Building from the Abbe Museum Indian Market, creative placemaking initiatives will grow, including, but not limited to, public art projects, artist residencies, and a creative brand.


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