Strengthening Ties with the Bar Harbor Community

marthan_BARHARBORARTFor the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a member of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, and most recently I’ve served as the Vice President. Tonight after the annual dinner, I officially become the President. Of course this is a huge honor and I’m proud to serve, but more importantly, this is an incredible honor for the Abbe.

As a downtown anchor and destination in Acadia National Park, the Abbe is uniquely situated. We connect with visitors but we’re also part of the downtown economy, the commerce that makes Bar Harbor a world-class destination. The board experience has introduced me to Bar Harbor business leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders. I’ve learned how the town works, where the opportunities are and where the pitfalls lie. I’ve also chanced upon ideas that have inspired me to engage more deeply in community development and see the big picture. These experiences add up to a perfectly positioned strategic plan. For example, the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the Abbe Museum Indian Market is building—Chamber friends are rooting us along the way and lining up to be volunteers.

As our momentum continues to build, I know service opportunities like this will only deepen community support for the Abbe. And, we’ll be informed decision-makers, invited to the table when town solutions are needed.

Here’s to an exciting new leadership opportunity! Thank you to the Bar Harbor Chamber Board of Directors for asking me to lead.



Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko is the President and CEO of the Abbe Museum. Working in museums for more than twenty years, she believes they have the power to change lives, inspire movements, and challenge authority. A museum director since 2001, Cinnamon is a frequent presenter at national museum meetings and is often asked to comment on national museum issues. She has been the driving force behind the Abbe Museum’s decolonization initiative, working with the Native communities in Maine to develop policies and protocols to ensure collaboration and cooperation with Wabanaki people. In 2016 Cinnamon gave her first TEDx talk, We Must Decolonize Our Museums. She’s the author of Museum Administration 2.0 (2016), The Art of Healing: The Wishard Art Collection (2004), and co-editor of the Small Museum Toolkit (2012).

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